Goshen High School Athletic Department

Mission Statement

Ensuring all student athletes acquire knowledge and apply skills – enhancing tomorrow’s opportunities.


  • To utilize the values of athletics to develop productive citizens.
  • To strive to promote a supportive and positive environment in which students excel competitively.
  • To encourage student athletes to compete in multiple sports.
  • To create an environment that fosters the character development of our athletes, while promoting mental and physical toughness.

Ticket Prices:  The most economical value is the All-Sport ticket!  Please visit the Ticket Info tab at the top of page for a ticket application.  We do offer a senior citizen (65+) half price all-sport ticket and we do offer installment plans!  Thanks for your support of GHS student-athletes.

Athletic Department Resources


GHS Spring Sports Performance (April – May)

All GHS student-athletes are strongly encouraged to take part in the GHS athletic department sports performance program.  It is a program designed to help you improve your overall ATHLETICISM:  speed, quickness, balance, coordination, power, and core strength.

The GHS athletic department sports performance sessions for female athletes will run every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in the weight room from 9:00-9:45 AM and from 1:30-3:30 PM. Any female athlete is encouraged to attend. Sessions will be run by the girls’ basketball and volleyball coaches and any interested athletes can contact any of them for more information.

There are no sports performance sessions offered for male athletes during the summer. For more information about a specific sport, please see that sport’s webpage.

Any athlete interested much have current concussion paperwork & physical exam on file with the athletic office in order to participate.

Excuses vs. Excellence…..will you be there?


RedHawk Apparel Now Available

GHS has finished the branding process and RedHawk apparel is now available for purchase! Please click here or go to http://varsityshop.com/gcs_goshen_high_school/ to purchase RedHawk apparel. Many items are available year-round including sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweatpants, hats, etc.RED HAWK 1-page-001