Goshen High School Athletic Department

Mission Statement

Ensuring all student athletes acquire knowledge and apply skills – enhancing tomorrow’s opportunities.


  • To utilize the values of athletics to develop productive citizens.
  • To strive to promote a supportive and positive environment in which students excel competitively.
  • To encourage student athletes to compete in multiple sports.
  • To create an environment that fosters the character development of our athletes, while promoting mental and physical toughness.

Participation for 12-13 increases for 4th year in a row: Goshen HS saw its’ participation numbers increase for the 4th straight year! 558 different student-athletes participated on a GHS athletic team this year, up 18 from last year.  There was 1 – four-sport athlete, 44 – three-sport athletes, 172 two-sport athletes, and 341 single-sport athletes.

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